International — Property & Casualty Treaty

Maiden Re provides customized, property and casualty reinsurance solutions for regional and specialty insurers in Europe and select international markets.  We offer reinsurance on both a quota share and excess of loss basis with a focus on working layers, in non-catastrophe lines of business. Maiden Re has the ability to offer both traditional and structured reinsurance solutions for its clients.

Leveraging our more than 30 years of experience serving the reinsurance capital needs of insurers, Maiden brings a unique portfolio of capital solutions to the European and other international markets.  Our specialist approach focuses on and allows us to develop long lasting relationships with clients while helping them grow and prosper.


Maiden’s Continuum of Capital

Maiden believes the demands of Solvency II in Europe and risk-based capital regimes elsewhere require a suite of highly responsive solutions that enable insurers to effectively manage their capital over a period of time. In addition to our range of reinsurance solutions, through our Insurance Regulatory Capital (IRC) subsidiary, Maiden also offers Tier 2 subordinated debt which qualifies as regulatory capital.

Finally, Maiden Re offers collateralized reinsurance which allows insurers to effectively manage their counterparty risk, providing greater Solvency II benefits than uncollateralized solutions from higher rated reinsurers.  

We refer to this unique ability to offer a broad range of capital solutions Maiden’s “Continuum of Capital” which allows us to provide the most effective and efficient solutions tailored to the specific needs of each insurer. The ability to offer bespoke solutions both for near-term and long-term capital and solvency management is unique in the market place. Maiden Re’s President, Patrick Haveron recently discussed our Continuum of Capital with Intelligent Insurer which can be found on this page and in this interview overview interview of Pat Haveron by Reactions at the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous in 2015.


Maiden Libra

Maiden has further extended its ability to offer flexible and bespoke capital solutions by recently introducing Maiden Libra, an innovative and truly unique hybrid capital solution. Libra offers both a flexible, multiple-year quota share reinsurance arrangement and access to subordinated debt matched to the term of the reinsurance contract. As a result, Libra provides European insurers with the unparalleled ability to address both near and longer-term capital management requirements in a truly bespoke manner at the Company’s control. Maiden stands alone in the European market with the ability to offer both of these capital solutions simultaneously. An overview of Libra can be found here. Maiden Re’s President Patrick Haveron recently discussed Libra and its implications for European insurers with Reactions at the 2017 Baden-Baden conference and that interview can be found here.


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