The Solution to Balancing Risk & Capital We developed this unique, proprietary safeguard to provide all our clients with continuity and peace of mind they deserve.


LIbra is a Superior Capital Management Tool

  • Manages SCR volatility to achieve targets through insurance cycles and economic events
  • Mitigates the broadest stress scenarios including premium, reserve and market risk
  • Provides management control to deploy the optimal capital mix to meet emerging needs
  • Maximises post-event capital options

Libra Solves a Full Range of Requirements, Including:

  • Board direction to maintain SCR Coverage at a specific target level
  • Management objective to contain SCR volatility to manage key stakeholder expectations (Board, regulator, rating agency)
  • “Just in time” capital that responds in real time to:
    • -  Variability of business initiative needs
    • -  Business, political or economic events

Libra Offers the Following Blended Product

  • Multi-year flexible quota share contract with variable cession rates
  • 3-year sub-debt “facility” offering the option to issue Tier 2 debt at pre-defined fixed rate coupon
  • Gives management the flexibility to deploy the right capital tool for a broad range of risks
  • Products can be utlised separately, together or sequentially at the insurers’ direction

For examples of how Maiden Libra enables a choice of options, download a brief overview.