Dedicated Financial Trust®

As certain as it gets.

There is a degree of financial risk in any reinsurance agreement. Our goal is to create the greatest possible stability and transparency for each and every client.


We created the Dedicated Financial Trust® to be the strongest financial security in the domestic reinsurance market. The Dedicated Financial Trust is a independent trust account that fully collateralizes our obligations, providing total protection for reserves, IBNR and unearned premiums. Individual trusts are created for each active treaty client* so assets are not co-mingled and to provide maximum protection, transparency and accountability. There are no fees associated with the trust and the agreement is non-cancellable until all liabilities are extinguished. Trust assets are monitored and maintained by an independent asset manager and balances are refreshed quarterly to reflect changes in outstanding liabilities. If a valid claim is not paid within 90 days the cedent has the ability to withdraw funds. We developed this unique, proprietary safeguard to provide all our clients with continuity and peace of mind they deserve.


Dedicated Financial Trust Overview

  • Individual client trust collateralizes reserves, IBNR and premium Available to all clients above $1 million in threshold
  • Maintained by an independent trustee
  • Balances reviewed monthly and refreshed quarterly
  • Balances protected in the event of a sale, merger, or other unforeseen event
  • Non-cancellable*

The Benefits

  • Unparalleled reinsurance security through full collateralization of all liabilities
  • Maximum accountability to ensure that claims are processed fairly and promptly
  • Maximum transparency in the insurer/reinsurer relationship
  • Strongest security available in thedomestic reinsurance market
•Subject to a $1,000,000 minimum threshold with the option to discontinue trust if outstanding liabilities fall below $250,000