Maiden’s Highly Differentiated Approach to Reinsurance

Competing effectively in today’s reinsurance market requires a strong strategic focus and a high level of differentiation. At Maiden, our business strategy and business approach are targeted to meet the needs of a specific niche within the market: small to mid-sized regional and specialty insurers.

The needs and expectations of these companies can vary significantly from those of larger, more nationally or globally focused companies. We believe this segment of the market requires significant focus on service, value, capabilities, consistency and responsiveness. While our clients may be smaller in size, they typically have a very focused and unique perspective on the needs of their customers, which can oftentimes differentiate them from their larger competitors. They also typically have a much more granular understanding of issues affecting their operating environment.  In our target market, Maiden is uniquely positioned as a non-catastrophe provider of high quality, customized reinsurance solutions and services. Our sole focus is to provide reinsurance capital solutions and support services to our clients that are designed to assist them to grow and prosper.

To do this effectively, Maiden’s operating platform has been purpose built with our customers at the core of everything we do. From our industry-low G&A (general and administrative) expense ratio to our highly efficient balance sheet and scalable business model, Maiden’s commitment to our niche market is unrivaled. In fact, our Dedicated Financial Trust® provides an extraordinary level of security and stability through fully collateralized, individually segregated accounts for qualifying clients. Internationally, Maiden’s Capital Solutions offerings provide clients with the option to choose from a continuum of capital ranging from reinsurance to subordinated debt. Importantly, we believe that customized reinsurance solutions require a value-added orientation that includes services ranging from
compliance support to predictive analytics.

Maiden maintains a lower volatility approach to business, which is apparent on both sides of our balance sheet. In addition to a book of diversified low severity liabilities, Maiden’s investment portfolio consists primarily of highly rated fixed income securities on the asset side. Given the Company’s non-catastrophe focus, unlike many higher-severity oriented companies, Maiden’s liquidity risk is comparatively modest, with historically consistent, strong operating cash flows. We believe our distinctive approach to reinsurance positions Maiden to perform well throughout the pricing cycle. Importantly, our business is built around the unique needs of each of our customers. In a market with many capable reinsurers, our clients place a strong emphasis on those reinsurers that can offer value, strong security, and a high level of personalized service. At Maiden, that is our objective and focus.