Maiden Holdings, Ltd.

Maiden Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: MHLD) is a holding company with operating subsidiaries that provide non-catastrophic reinsurance products and services to the regional and specialty global property and casualty markets.

Maiden’s headquarters are in Bermuda with underwriting operations in both Bermuda and the United States, along with production teams in the United Kingdom, Germany and other select markets throughout the globe. Since inception we have delivered consistent annual returns and demonstrated stable sales growth.

Maiden Insurance Partnerships

Maiden Insurance Partnerships is the trading name for Maiden’s operation that develops and delivers targeted insurance products and services for automobile manufacturers, finance companies and brokers. Headquarters is located just outside of London with offices in Stockholm, Frankfurt and Melbourne. To find out more please click here to go to our dedicated site.

Maiden Reinsurance Ltd.

Maiden Reinsurance Ltd. is the Bermuda insurance company that provides non-catastrophe property & casualty treaty reinsurance and facultative reinsurance for Maiden Re’s global clients. To learn more about Maiden’s Capital Solutions, click here.